New Study Reveals NJ’s Top Causes of Holiday Stress

RED BANK, NJ (November 14, 2016) — Traffic, holiday shopping and overly busy schedules are expected to raise stress levels in the Garden State this holiday season, according to research from New Jersey insurance group Plymouth Rock Assurance.

When it comes to traffic, those polled expect additional stress to come from crowded parking lots, traffic jams, drunk drivers, bad weather and other drivers texting. Additionally, 87% expect to encounter more aggressive drivers during the holidays.

“Safety on the road and at home is paramount, particularly during the busy holiday season,” said Gerry Wilson, President and CEO of Plymouth Rock Management Company of New Jersey. “It’s easy to lose focus when so many things are competing for everyone’s attention and weighing on their minds. The chances for accidents increase when people are distracted. We want to help everyone get home safe so we regularly study the behavior of Garden State drivers to identify and address safety concerns.”

Key findings from the latest research show that:

  • 82% said traffic will give them more stress, while 74% cited holiday shopping and 71% cited overly busy schedules.
  • 90% said crowded parking lots will raise their stress level, while 8
  • 73% experience pressure from holiday gift giving and 75% experience an increased level of multitasking around the holidays.
  • Larger percentages of Millennials said holiday and related activities will add to their stress level, compared with Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

“Our study also shows that many people use positive seasonal activities to help them retreat from stress,” Wilson added. “Finding ways to relax can help everyone feel less distracted and have a safer and happier holiday season.”

These are the five most popular relaxation methods that poll respondents use when they’re feeling stressed this time of year:

1.    59% take time for themselves
2.    43% listen to seasonal music
3.    41% spend time with family
4.    37% admire holiday decorations
5.    36% exercise

Visit the Plymouth Rock Blog for holiday relaxation tips, a list of the most popular Garden State holiday songs as chosen by poll respondents and tips to be safer during the holidays.

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