Benefits of Working with a Prudential Financial Professional

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Benefits of Working with a Prudential Financial Professional

Prudential Financial Professionals know the importance of protecting your car or your home with the right insurance that meets your needs and your budget.

Your Insurance Professional

When you choose to purchase car or home insurance through a Prudential Financial Professional, you'll have an experienced professional to help you make informed decisions.

Financial professionals must pass state examinations and meet continuing education requirements to be licensed by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance to sell auto and home insurance.

When it comes time to purchase a policy, your Financial Professional can guide you through the variety of options to choose a policy that meets your unique needs. You won't find a one-size-fits-all approach here. They will also help you find ways to save on your insurance policies.

You'll Get a Customized Policy

When it comes to auto insurance, every state has different requirements.

Your Financial Professional can explain all of New Jersey's auto mandatory coverages, which coverages may be required if you financed or leased your car, and which are recommended given your overall financial situation. They'll also help you with your limits, deductible levels and other options.

Trying to do this on your own can take a lot of time and be a little confusing - and you might not think of everything. Your Financial Professional can handle this all for you and help you think through important questions that could influence your decisions, like:

How much is the value of the car you're covering?
Is your vehicle financed or leased?
How do you typically use your car and how much do you drive it?
What other assets or income do you need to protect?
At what level should you set your deductible?
What happens if you have a young driver in the house?