Plymouth Rock Homeowners Insurance Through Prudential Financial Professionals

Prudential Financial Professionals in New Jersey offer homeowners insurance from Plymouth Rock Assurance. By working with a Prudential Financial Professional for your home policy, you can be confident that you'll get personalized advice to help protect your home from the unfortunate and unforeseen.

For most people, your home is the most expensive investment you'll ever make and one of your most important assets. It's not only where you make memories from hosting holiday parties and family get-togethers, but where you build equity and security for your financial future.

Between that newly remodeled bathroom, those sleek stainless steel appliances in your kitchen and other upgrades, you have a small fortune invested in your home. Your Prudential Financial Professional can help you with a policy from Plymouth Rock that protects your home and your finances, without breaking the bank.

How Much Home Insurance Do You Need?

Your Prudential Financial Professional can help you determine how much home insurance you actually need. It's not just as simple as insuring your home for how much you paid for it. It's actually a combination of the value of your home (you don't factor in the value of your land), the value of your possessions and the total value of your assets.

Estimating the value of all of these things can be complicated to do on your own. You can get a much more accurate estimate by working directly with your Prudential Financial Professional.

What Coverages Should I Have?

A homeowners policy is made up of many different coverages that work together to protect you and your home.

Most home insurance policies provide protection for your house, other structures on your property and your possessions from a variety of threats and risks (you'll see them called "perils" on your policy). Among these risks are lightning strikes, fires, hurricanes, pipe bursts, theft, and more.

In addition to protecting your home and possessions, your home insurance policy can also provide you with:

Liability coverage for lawsuits if you, your family, or your pets cause bodily injury or property damage to others.
Additional living expenses, in case you're not able to live in your home due to insured damage.
Medical payments, which help to protect you if others are injured in your property.

It's important to know that most home insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flooding. Your Prudential Financial Professional can advise you on whether flood insurance is necessary for you and explain your options for obtaining a flood policy.

Important Guidance on Home Insurance

Since no two homes and situations are exactly alike, a Prudential Financial Professional can help you with a home insurance policy that fits your unique needs. They will also help you determine which of your possessions need special or additional insurance coverage (like jewelry or other valuables).

And, by getting a home insurance policy through your Prudential Financial Professional, you could save on your Plymouth Rock auto insurance. Read more about the benefits of working with a Prudential Financial Professional by clicking here.

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