Auto Insurance Quotes from Prudential Financial Professionals

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Auto Insurance Quotes from Prudential Financial Professionals

Many New Jersey Prudential Financial Professionals can provide you with auto insurance quotes for coverage through Plymouth Rock Assurance. A customized quote from your Prudential Financial Professional is not only easy and quick, but will help you identify which coverages you need (or should have) … all at an attractive price.

Get Your Car Insurance Quote

You might already know the drill and are ready for your car insurance quote right now. That's great! Start by finding your local Prudential Financial Professional. You can get your quote, and check out the range of insurance and investment products and services available through your Prudential Financial Professional.

Prudential and Auto Insurance From Plymouth Rock

Auto insurance is an important part of a smart financial strategy. Not only does it help protect your car, but it also can help pay for medical bills after an accident, guard against damages from a lawsuit, protect you from uninsured or underinsured drivers, and more.

Insurance from Plymouth Rock goes even further, with extras like the Get Home Safe® taxi fare reimbursement program, online account management, coverage rewards for loyal customers, and the option to purchase exclusive Prudential Center and New Jersey Devils benefits.

What Information You Should Have Handyl

The goal is to make your insurance quote as quick and accurate as possible. Your Prudential Financial Professional should be able to look up information about your cars and driving record for you, but it's also a good idea to have some of this information handy:

Full, legal name, and address.
Date of birth.
Name of your current insurance company.
Your current or most recent auto insurance coverages and limits. (Your declaration page from your current carrier.)
How long you've been continuously insured.
How you typically use your cars (personal use, commuting, etc.).