Auto and Home Insurance FAQs for Prudential Customers

In just a few minutes, you can request replacement insurance ID cards on Plymouth Rock’s website.

Your proof of insurance will be available immediately and your official replacement ID card will be mailed the next business day. Here’s how you can access a copy for your information:

  1. Log into “Manage Your Policy.”
  2. Then, look to the right-hand “What would you like to do today?” menu and click the “Request ID Cards & Proof of Insurance” link.
  3. You may be prompted to select the policy term for which you would like new cards. Make your selection.
  4. Click the “View/Print” button.

That’s it! A temporary insurance card will display that you can then print, email or save. Your new permanent card will be delivered as quickly as a standard letter in the mail.

A Note For New Jersey Customers

Because of state fraud-prevention laws, only Plymouth Rock can issue your permanent ID cards. Please do not print and use the insurance ID card found online with your policy documents – only the permanent ID cards will satisfy anti-fraud paper standards and be considered valid proof of insurance. Attempts to use the temporary ID card to establish proof of insurance may result in a citation.

If you’ve searched the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission site for “Plymouth Rock,” you may already know Plymouth Rock doesn’t have a specific NJ insurance company code. However, the companies under the Plymouth Rock umbrella do. Many of the documents you’ve received from Plymouth Rock have the name of your underwriting company on them.

If you have an auto insurance policy purchased through a Prudential Financial Professional in New Jersey, your code will likely be one of two codes:

  • 411 – High Point Property and Casualty Insurance Company
  • 413 – High Point Safety and Insurance Company.

Here are the codes for other Plymouth Rock policies in NJ:

  • 017 – Palisades Insurance Company
  • 963 – Palisades Safety and Insurance Association
  • 632 – Teachers Auto Insurance Company of New Jersey

You’re right on both counts. The Plymouth Rock Assurance brand name refers to a group of companies that do business in several states. High Point is the name of the company that actually issues your insurance policy (what we in the industry call an “underwriting company”) – it’s one of the companies under the Plymouth Rock umbrella.

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Prudential Insurance Agency, LLC, Newark, NJ, an affiliate of Prudential, distributes auto and other property and casualty products that are offered by Plymouth Rock Management Company of New Jersey under the brand name of Plymouth Rock Assurance. These products are underwritten by High Point Property and Casualty Insurance Company (High Point), 331 Newman Springs Road, Suite 304, Red Bank, NJ 07701-5657. Plymouth Rock and High Point are not affiliated with Prudential and its affiliates.

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