What is YUBI®?

YUBI® stands for Your Usage-Based Insurance and it’s a safe-driving program offered by Plymouth Rock that gathers information about your driving habits and can help you become a smarter, more aware driver. Everybody wins when roads become safer!

How does the YUBI program work?

When activated, the YUBI app uses the GPS system in your smartphone and assesses your driving habits, such as mobile use, speeding, smooth driving (braking and acceleration), total miles driven and time of day. And there’s no need to feel like you’re being followed! The YUBI app only monitors your location while a trip is in progress and provides trip details for each driving trip you take.

What’s in it for me?

YUBI can save you money on your car insurance, and we know you like to save money! You can get an initial discount of up to 10%, and with consistent good driving behavior, your discount may increase up to 29% at policy renewal. Most drivers — about 90% –retain a discount when their policy renews. A small percentage of drivers with poor driving behaviors, may get a surcharge of up to 31%. To qualify for a discount at renewal and keep your coverage, you need to log at least 30 trips and 300 miles during the evaluation period.

It’s easy to enroll in YUBI!

Make sure you opt-in to YUBI when completing your quote with Plymouth Rock. You will need a compatible mobile device, either an iPhone or an Android phone, running the current or previous two YUBI operating systems. GPS and accelerometer capabilities must be available on your phone. If you have been able to download “YUBI 2.0” from the app store, your phone has the required capabilities. Remember to register and log a trip within the first 21 days of your policy’s effective date in order to keep your coverage. And if you have previously used the YUBI app and are still actively logged into the YUBI app, then you’re good to go.