Discounts and Benefits

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Find discounts & benefits: Auto Home Commercial Auto Motorcycle Boat & Watercraft Collector Cars Condo Renters Flood Motorhome Term Life Pet Umbrella Insurance Discounts and Savings through Plymouth Rock We want what’s best for you, and that means offering insurance discounts and savings to help give you the right coverage at the right price. With […]

How to Change Your Cabin Air Filter

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Learning how to change your cabin air filter doesn’t require a full Saturday. You don’t even need “work” jeans. Here’s how to do it yourself in minutes.

Does My AC Really Affect My Gas Mileage?

On those really hot and sticky days, using your air conditioning is a no-brainer. But, you may have asked yourself: “Does my AC really affect my gas mileage?”

Winterizing Your Car Checklist

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Freezing temperatures and tough road conditions from snow, ice, salt, sand and potholes can take their toll if your vehicle isn’t properly winterized.

Beware! It’s Pothole Season

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Fluctuating winter temperatures have been wreaking havoc on our roadways and our cars. Pothole season is officially here.