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In the United States, individual states are granted the authority to establish their own requirements for auto insurance coverage. This means that minimum coverage requirements in one state can vary greatly from requirements in the next state over. As a driver, you are responsible for researching and following the minimum auto insurance requirements in the state where your vehicle is registered.

State Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in Georgia

If you live in Georgia, there are a few requirements you should be aware of that are unique to this state. For starters, Georgia is one of just a few states in the country that does not actually require you to show an insurance card if you're pulled over. This doesn't mean you aren't required to carry the state minimum insurance coverage, however. A Georgia police officer will utilize the Georgia Electronic Compliance System (GEICS) to check your insurance status.

Specifically, Georgia state law requires that you carry bodily injury liability coverage in the minimum amount of $25,000 per person and $50,000 total per accident. You're also required to carry property damage coverage of at least $25,000 per incident.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

It is important to understand that while carrying state minimum coverage will keep you street legal, it will only provide a basic level of protection if you injure another driver/passenger in an accident or cause property damage. If you want additional protection for damage to your own vehicle, you'll want to consider adding comprehensive and/or collision coverage to your policy.

Specifically, comprehensive coverage will provide protection in the event your vehicle is damaged by something other than an accident. This could include storm damage (like dents from hail), vandalism, or even theft. Keep in mind that if your vehicle was financed and you're still making payments on it, your lender most likely requires you to have this type of coverage already.

Collision Insurance Coverage

Another type of coverage you may want to consider is collision insurance. This type of coverage provides added protection in the event your car is damaged in an accident. For example, if you get into a fender bender and need your bumper replaced, your collision coverage should pay for the repairs (minus your deductible).

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