Educators! Save money on car insurance with Plymouth Rock Assurance.

At Plymouth Rock Assurance, we understand the importance of the educational community. We believe that educators are a special class of people who deserve more for all they do for the community.

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Plymouth Rock is proud to provide educators with special car insurance discounts, unique benefits and services and exceptional customer care. We believe that if you are an educator, getting quality and affordable car insurance is not something you should ever have to worry about.

Who is eligible for Educator's Insurance?

    Our special rates and discounts are meant for NJ and PA residents who work for or are retired from an accredited school, district or diocese, including:

  • Active and retired teachers or professors
  • Administrators
  • School librarians
  • Early childhood education professionals
  • Staff members of professional education associations
  • Current School Board officials
  • Support staff employed by a state-licensed educational institution

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