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Student Car Insurance in New Jersey - Plymouth Rock

Are you the parent of a high school or college student? Congratulations on making it this far! You’ve always been there for them – now it’s time to protect them even when you can’t be there. We’re talking about student car insurance. Letting them go can be hard, but knowing you have the right car insurance plan, while getting the best price with car insurance discounts, can give you the peace of mind you need.

Today we’ll consider the distinction between high school and college student car insurance plans, as well as the discounts and affinity programs that you may be able to take advantage of as an insured driver with an auto policy in New Jersey.

High School Student Car Insurance

You have a high school student behind the wheel. Either your child has a learner’s permit or a full driver’s license. Either way, you need to be sure they’re protected with car insurance. It’s time to start considering insurance plans for your new driver and limiting the additional costs with discounts that may be available to you.

  • Car Insurance Plans for Students – The choice is actually very simple. Either add your student driver to your own existing policy or have them obtain their own coverage. In most cases, you’ll add your child to your car insurance policy. Depending on your insurance carrier, your child may not even be able to get coverage on a stand-alone policy. Also, if your carrier does offer your child insurance, the premium (cost) will be substantially higher compared to listing them on your policy due to the risk associated with new or young drivers.
  • Prices of Car Insurance for Students – Be prepared to pay more for car insurance if you plan to add your student driver onto your auto policy. According to a study published by the New York Times, parents like you can expect to pay close to $700 more (national average) for annual auto policy premium by adding a student driver under age 20. Although you can shop for discounts, which will limit the out-of-pocket cost to protect your child, insurance costs will no doubt rise in your household.
  • Student Car Insurance Discounts – Now that we’ve covered plan options and cost increase expectations, it’s time to take a close look at how you can compare insurance companies to get the best coverage for the lowest cost with discounts and affinity programs. Generally speaking, there are three main ways to discount your insurance rate with student discounts. Is your child a good student? Take advantage of the “good grades discount” that most insurance carriers will offer. Has your child completed a defensive driver training course? Score again! By getting good grades and completing a driver safety course, most insurance carriers will view your child as a responsible individual, which may lower your insurance rate. Also, if your employer is associated with an affinity discount offered by your carrier, those savings will most likely apply to your student driver as well if they’re listed as a driver on your policy.

The College Student

Both you and your child survived the high school years, and now they’re all grown up! Your student driver has probably had a few years to experience the road and learn to become a safe driver. Is it time to cut the proverbial apron strings and help them obtain their own student car insurance plan? Let’s consider the options you and your student driver have when it comes to plans, pricing and car insurance discounts.

  • Car Insurance Plans for Students – So, the question is whether to keep your college student on your auto insurance policy, or have them get their own coverage. First consider living arrangements: Does your student still live in your home and commute to a local campus? Is your student gainfully employed with at least a part-time job? Has your student driver proved his or her maturity with a safe, responsible driving record? If the answers to these questions are “yes” then it might be time for your student driver to obtain his or her own plan.
  • Student Car Insurance Prices – According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the car insurance price to cover a student driver could decrease by as much as 20% on their 20th birthday! That’s a significant difference in cost. The quote will also depend on whether your student is still on your auto policy, or if they now have their own insurance plan. Either way, the cost to insure younger drivers will remain higher than compared to that of a 40-year-old driver.
  • Car Insurance Discounts for College Students – If your student driver has a favorable GPA in college, then by all means, present an official transcript to your insurance carrier. Has your student completed a driver safety course in the last twelve months? Both good grades and completed safety courses show your student as a mature, responsible adult, which translates into potential savings. Does your student live away at college? Students can potentially get a “resident student” discount for being away at college. Usually this means your student lives out of state or a minimum number of miles from home and leaves their vehicle at home.
  • Affinity Programs – And the savings continue! Depending on the study program your student driver has chosen, he or she may be able to take advantage of a discounted rate. For example, car insurance for medical students, or car insurance for student nurses may be examples of potential affinity program savings. If your student is majoring in education, there are potential affinity program savings for student-teacher car insurance.

Still Have Questions? Just Ask.

Student car insurance will probably make you stop and consider your coverage choices for your child. Besides the fact that it is required in order to drive, read about the additional benefits of car insurance that you may not have considered. There’s a lot to consider regarding choosing the type of plan to go with, budgeting for price increases, and exploring discounts for potential savings. 

If you still find yourself wondering what insurance plan you need, or how to take advantage of potential savings with affinity programs and discounts for your student driver, a Plymouth Rock representative would be happy to speak with you. Providing insurance protection for your child is important — we can help you make a good choice.

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