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What is Get Home Safe®?

Get Home Safe is a free safety benefit created for all car insurance policyholders of Plymouth Rock Assurance because we care about the safety of our customers. Under this program, all car insurance customers are eligible for a free one way cab service valued up to $50 to be used as an alternative to driving in unsafe circumstances. Some safety concerns include, but are not limited to, drowsiness, impairment, and distraction. Car insurance customers can use this benefit once per policy per year.

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1. Am I being charged for this benefit as part of my policy?

You are not charged extra for this service in your policy. This is a safety initiative sponsored by Plymouth Rock to prevent accidents and death as a result of unsafe driving behaviors.


2. Are there any exclusions based on why the cab service is being used?

Reimbursement is not available when cab service is used as a result of a policyholder’s mechanical breakdown.


3. Can I use this safety benefit outside of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut or New Hampshire if I am traveling?

Yes, as long as you use it to help you stay safe on the road. Just be sure to save your receipt and mail it in to us.


4. How many times can I use this?

You are able to use this one time per policy per year for a one way cab service valued up to $50.


5. I don't drink. Am I still eligible to use this?

Of course you can. You can utilize this for transportation when you find yourself in any situation where it would be unsafe to operate your vehicle.


6. What if I don't have my receipt?

We're sorry, reimbursement will be made for documented expenses only.


7. What if my fare is over $50?

We will only reimburse up to $50 for a one way cab ride.


8. What if my fare is under $50? Can I keep getting reimbursed until I use it all?

We're sorry, this benefit is only good for a one way cab ride only valued up to $50.


9. What if someone is sharing the cab with me?

It doesn’t matter. The benefit covers the cost of the cab ride up to $50, as long as you are one of the passengers.


10. When my policy renews, can I use this again?

Each car insurance customer is eligible for reimbursement once a year.


11. Who is eligible to use Get Home Safe?

You must have the Plymouth Rock Assurance “Get Home Safe” coverage on your auto insurance policy to be eligible. All New Jersey and Massachusetts policyholders are eligible. Connecticut and New Hampshire policyholders are eligible only if their first policy term was effective on or after November 16, 2015.


12. Will my rates go up because I use this?

No. This is an additional benefit for all car insurance customers to use once per policy per year.