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CTCPA Members are Eligible for a 5%* Auto Insurance Discount

In addition to our already competitive rates and unique benefits and services, CTCPA members may get a 5% discount on auto insurance. You can’t argue with that math!

For over 37 years, Plymouth Rock Assurance has redefined the way auto insurance has been done. We offer exclusive features and benefits that no other company can give you. And if you bundle your auto insurance with your other insurance, you will get even more!

Don't miss out on our unique benefits


Crashbusters mobile claim service brings the settlement process right to you. In many cases, you’ll get a check on the spot.1

Get Home Safe®

Get Home Safe accident prevention provides our customers with rideshare reimbursement for a safe ride home.2

Door to Door Valet Claim Service®

Door to Door Valet Claim Service takes the stress out of auto repair service. We’ll handle the process from start to finish.1

Get to Know Plymouth Rock and Get More from Your Car Insurance.

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