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New Jersey Classic, Collector, and Exotic Car Insurance Options

New Jersey Classic, Collector, and Exotic Car Insurance Options

Plymouth Rock Assurance can help you protect your unique vehicle with exotic, custom, collector or classic car insurance in New Jersey. You’ll get expert advice to guide you through the best options and coverages. 

We give you the freedom to protect several cars without paying more for your liability coverage in New Jersey. We’ll work with you to determine the value of your car or cars, and pay you that amount in the event of a covered total loss. In addition to the essentials that come with any auto policy, you can take advantage of coverage available for lost or stolen spare parts or accessories, as well as towing coverage. Plus, you’ll have the convenience of various payment options for your policy. 

Other options you may take advantage of include our various mileage plans, mileage rollover and special trip exception with advance notice! 

We can help you explore the details about classic car insurance in New Jersey and how to purchase other types of coverage to protect the other important assets in your life, such as homeowners insurance and umbrella insurance

Call 855-993-4470 to see how Plymouth Rock can help you save with exotic, custom, or classic automobile insurance in New Jersey. If you need additional information it can be found on our Contact Us page. 

Read our important disclaimer about collector car insurance.