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Massachusetts Collector Car Insurance

Massachusetts Collector Car Insurance

Whether your prized jewel is a 1969 Mustang or something more antique, your car is your treasure. With collector car insurance in Massachusetts offered through Plymouth Rock Assurance’s affiliate, Encharter Insurance LLC, you can get coverage for your classic. 

Not only does this insurance help you comply with state laws, but it’s an important part of safeguarding your investment — all at a reasonable price. And you can rest assured that your insurance professional will be as passionate as you are about protecting your car. 

It’s Not Like Standard Insurance 

Investing in a customized policy for antique or collector vehicles is essential. After all, you’ve probably devoted a significant amount of time and money to your car. Since protecting your classic car differs from the way you insure your regular vehicle, the first step is to understand your policy and how it works. 

Collector, custom and antique cars typically have a higher value than most everyday vehicles. This means you’ll need an adjustable policy based on a specific level coverage, which most collector car policies offer. When it comes to the value of your car, most carriers will work with you to determine that figure and then craft a policy to cover it. 

Customizing Your Coverage 

Most classic car owners know that it can be difficult to find replacement parts, so repairs will typically be more costly. Some policies may have an option for original replacement parts coverage. This can help you get your ride back to pristine condition. 

Classic car policies generally have limits on how many miles you can drive your car each year, where you store it and stipulate that it’s not your primary, everyday vehicle. Some owners frequently take their collector vehicle out for a spin. Others may tuck their car into a garage or storage unit for safekeeping and drive it sparingly. Your carrier may have an option for flexible usage, so make sure to discuss that and other factors with your insurance professional. 

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