FAQs for Home Policy Marketplace

General FAQs

It’s a private website available in Agent Web where Plymouth Rock agents can buy home, condo and renter policies that Plymouth Rock Home has sold through our online marketing channels. The application was developed for the exclusive use of Plymouth Rock-appointed independent agents.

Home, condo and renter policies in the @Home program first sold in the direct channel as of June 2021 are offered.

Only policies sold in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania are available.

Any independent agency appointed by Plymouth Rock Home to write in any of the five eligible states is eligible. The Agency Administrator (designated by the agency for the Plymouth Rock relationship) can purchase policies and authorize other employees to buy policies. 

An agent can see any policy from the state(s) in which they are appointed to write business.

In addition to the attributes displayed on the main page of the Marketplace, click the Info icon in the More Info column of the policy. A pop-up box will display with more information. 

Yes, the filters are on the right side of the Marketplace table. You can also sort the policies by clicking a column title. Each time you log in to the Home Policy Marketplace, policies will sort by posted time, with the most recent policies on top of the list. 

Simply select the purchase button and confirm the purchase. Before buying, you can view additional information about the policy by clicking the Info icon in the More Info column. We do not reveal the policy number, name of the insured or their contact info UNTIL you buy the policy.   

The cost of each policy is displayed in the Marketplace table. Policies are priced to equal the value of the commissions you will receive from Plymouth Rock Home over the predicted life of the policy. Future commissions are discounted by an inflation index. In addition, we discount the purchase price to account for an agent assuming the risk that the policy will survive as long as predicted. 

The cost will be deducted from the home commissions we pay you. The costs of the policies you purchased will appear as a Marketing Fee on your next commission statement.

Yes, on the Your Policies tab, your Agency Administrator can view up to 12 months of policy purchase history,and can copy the info into another file (Excel, Word, csv, etc).

Call your underwriter or Plymouth Rock Home Customer Service at 844-208-1935 and ask to speak with a supervisor. They can convert the policy back to a direct policy code. The conversion back to Plymouth Rock will take place as of the next business day.   

If you have any questions, email Home Policy Marketplace Support by clicking “Email Us” or calling Customer Service at 844-208-1935. Support is provided Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Yes, we encourage you to cross-sell Plymouth Rock auto and umbrella policies to your new Home customers. Since they’re now your customers, you should also make sure they have the coverage they need.

The Marketplace is a real-time application. Policies are placed in the Marketplace for sale as soon as the policy is issued. To see the latest policies available, click the Refresh icon (in the upper-right corner).

Yes, it’s available 24/7, unless we’re performing system maintenance. Policies may be added to the Marketplace at any moment, as some consumers shop in the evenings, early mornings and weekends.

Most likely, your agency has purchased the maximum amount ($10,000) of policies permitted in a month. Your Agency Administrator can also pause an employee’s ability to purchase policies at any time. And, if you haven’t refreshed the screen recently, another agency might have already bought the policy.

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