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How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Winter

With extremely cold temperatures and all that salt on roads and sidewalks, wintertime can be especially tough on our furry friends. These pet-friendly winter tips can help keep them safe....

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Nighttime Driving Tips

After the sun goes down, your vision isn’t quite as sharp. Here’s what you can do to be safe on the road after dark.

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Staying Safe While Walking to School

Students are heading back to the classroom. That means yellow buses will be on the roads and children will be walking or riding their bikes to school. Plymouth Rock reminds...

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The face of a yellow lab, looking sad.

Making a Pet Disaster Plan

If you had to evacuate because of a hurricane, flood or other severe weather event, do you know what you’d do with your pets? While emergency shelters are available for...

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How Much Can Your Car Carry?

Put two average American men and two average American women in my mid-sized crossover and you’ve already used 85% of the car’s weight limit … with nothing in the trunk...

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Car Theft Prevention Tips

July is the picturesque example of warm weather and clear skies in the Northeast. While heading to the beach or planning road trips, don’t forget that July is National Vehicle...

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The Science of Driving

Summer is here, which means sun, fun and NO SCHOOL! What's better than that? Because summertime can be a dangerous time for many young drivers (and their passengers), now is...

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