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The Lowdown on Renting with Pets

Last updated on November 20, 2019 at 09:14 am

As a pet parent and huge animal lover, my pets are part of my family. Leaving them behind is never an option. But I’m also a renter and sometimes the two clash. If you’re a pet owner and currently looking into renting with pets you’ll want to read these tips for maintaining order.

  1. Find pet-friendly rentals. Most rental websites include this as a search option but if you’re still having trouble, your local rescue shelter may know pet-friendly places in the area.
  2. Prepare to pay a little extra. This will vary depending on where you go. There is usually an initial pet registration fee in the area of $200-$300 followed by a monthly pet rent fee.
  3. Keep it clean. Hard to believe but not everyone likes pets. So make sure you clean up after Fido does his business and stay on good terms with your neighbors. Plus, too many complaints and you’ll be asked to remove your pet.
  4. Pay attention. If your pet exhibits destructive behavior like chewing or scratching, don’t let it go on! It could be due to separation anxiety or too much energy. Try pet gates, training and exercise to curb destructive habits as quickly as possible.
  5. Just forget your security deposit. This sounds crazy, I know. But when I accepted this my stress level went down. I also noticed that the things I’d been worrying about, such as the cats chewing on the blinds and scratching the one wall, stopped. Sometimes your stress carries over to your pets and makes things worse. So breathe and relax.
  6. Know your rights. I’m lucky to have a great landlord but I know other folks are not so lucky. If any issues come up, it’s unbelievably important to know your rights as a tenant.
  7. Keep your cool. As with any roommate, after a while certain things really grind your gears. But don’t do anything drastic without doing your homework first.
  8. Give them space. Make sure your pets have safe toys and a place to be that’s all their own. It could be a pet bed, cushion or box.
  9. Invest in a good vacuum. That doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive one either. Look for units that work well on picking up pet hair and if you have an accident-prone pet, check out a deep-cleaning unit.
  10. Hide your valuables. You never know when your furry family member will decide to chew on your favorite shoes or eat that antique ring. Put small and valuable items away and out of reach. It’ll save you big time veterinarian bills down the road.

Do you rent a home or apartment with pets? Do you have any other tips and tricks? Plymouth Rock in New Jersey would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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