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Taking Care of Your Car’s Interior this Summer

Last updated on May 16th, 2017 at 02:41 pm

Summer is here, and whether you are planning for a long road trip out the state or a weekend adventure to the beach, its time to get organized with these tips for taking care of your car’s interior for the summer. Just like your home, your wheeled-digs need to be dug out of the mess of a long winter and prepped for another summer of awesome! Between your children’s toys piled on the floor, empty water bottles tucked behind the passenger seat, and the Hall & Oates albums crammed in the center console, we wonder if you’d be able to find your loose change for the parking meter when the time came.

Well, it’s time to de-clutter and de-odor that family motor…the Plymouth Rock way! Everything has its place— just need to know where to find it. We here at the Plymouth Rock Blog are ready with five time, space, and summer saving tips to getting your wagon trail ready:

It’s all about the DETAILS.
You can’t organize your vehicle on top of a mess; this is like putting on a suit before taking a shower! So our first tip is: CLEAN YOUR CAR! Take everything that isn’t attached to your vehicle out of the car. Get rid of the trash, return the toys to the toy chest, and put everything back where it belongs.

Once you have removed everything except your emergency kit, give the inside a once-over with the vacuum and wipe down the dash with a damp rag. If budget permits, take your car for a detailing: a full interior vacuuming, shampooing, and makeover. And here’s a hint: your local carwash should have a car wash club or coupon directly on their website. All-in-all, this should cost you anywhere from $50 to $100, but your car and passengers will reap the benefits.

You CAN do it.
If you are a dog owner…or a parent…you know that on any given day between the seats is a collection of mud, hair, and what could only be described as choco-lolli-gross. One of the best ways to keep your car organized is by keeping your garbage organized! By simply adding a portable trash can to your battle, you can help stem the tide against candy wrappers, napkins, tissues, and more.

BIN there.
Books, work, electronics, and clothes…at some point, everything finds its way into your car. It’s time you have a place to contain the inevitable. Pay a visit to your local store or search online for a space saving bin to reduce that car clutter. Any good car container should have a spot for an umbrella, sunglasses, and the wrapped up cords for your chargers and GPS system.

It’s in the BAG.
Before you leave for a vacation, you would pack a suitcase. Well, this summer we here at the Plymouth Rock Blog think you should start your season with a bag filled with all of the summertime essentials. In every summer duffel bag, we recommend: an extra bathing suit, a towel, flip-flops, a change of clothes, and a few small entertainment items like books and toys. Now, you are prepared for the sudden beach day, or a lost sandal, and you have a place to keep your supplies; you will keep from creating car chaos.

When all else fails…simplify. You can do this by reducing what you are keeping in your car and finding clutter-free alternatives. Display an E-ZPass over that cup-holder full of change. Make or burn a playlist before leaving the house. Less clutter means less distractions, which means a safer summer!

How are you sorting out your car for the summer?

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