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Simple Tips to Reduce Your Stress

Last updated on November 19, 2019 at 08:47 am

Does it feel like yesterday was a week ago? When your days at work and home are a blur, it’s easy to not take care of yourself  as well as you’d like. Here are some simple tips to reduce your stress and help keep your mind and body on the right track to tackle what’s next.

Give yourself thirty
Try waking up a half hour earlier and enjoy your coffee, tea, or juice in complete silence. Do not turn on the TV or check your smartphone. Use this time to enjoy the silence and peace of mind. If you can’t wake up earlier, try to find 30 minutes in the evening to clear your mind without interruptions.

Use a three count
Our days are a non-stop flood of calls, emails, texts, updates, statuses, and more. If you are feeling extremely stressed or over-taxed, count to three before you pick up the phone or hit reply. In most cases, nothing bad will happen and these few seconds will help you focus on your reply—making your response have more value.

Drink up
Sometimes the day can be so busy that we forget our bodies need some attention too. Drinking plenty of water is important for your overall health. Consider using a smaller bottle or mug to force more trips to the water cooler. Those extra steps will help keep up your energy level in the afternoon.

Fight the urge
We know the lure of the vending machine can be strong, but unless it has apples, celery, or other healthy treats, it probably is not going to help you in the long run. Instead, team up with other like-minded office mates and get a supply of healthy snacks together to share. You could even schedule a 15-minute break to walk, talk, and chew.

Plan if you can
Taking time on weekends or weeknights to plan for the upcoming week is a great way to free up time and help ensure you make healthier decisions. Your plan could include making sure there are healthy snacks and creating a schedule that everyone in the family can stick to so there is no last minute scrambling. This will help reduce stress during the week and keep people smiling.

Clear the clutter
It seems obvious, but clearing out the clutter from your desk, office, car, and home not only frees up space, it can help free you emotionally as well. Keeping your “stuff” organized is a great way to help keep yourself on track and limit distractions.

Got some good tips of your own? Let us hear ‘em!

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