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New Jersey’s Best Dog-Friendly Beaches

Last updated on November 8, 2019 at 11:41 am

Dogs across New Jersey live for the experience of diving in and out of the cool ocean waves and digging holes in the sand. While the “Original Dog Beach,” known as Ocean Beach Dog Beach, was created in 1972 in San Diego, CA, there are now many dog-friendly beaches across New Jersey, some of which welcome dogs all year long. Local towns like Manasquan, Asbury Park, Cape May, Long Beach Island and Sandy Hook all offer dog beaches, just to name a few. Plymouth Rock recommends viewing the top 10 dog-friendly beaches in NJ at

Some dog beaches require that your furry friend remain on a leash (typically a maximum length of 6 feet), while others either allow dogs to be off leash completely or to at least be off leash while playing in the water. This also may vary by time of year.

Besides a leash, other important items you may want to pack include fresh drinking water and a bowl, towels, sunscreen for short-haired breeds and pink noses, clean-up bags, a dog first aid kit, and floatable toys or balls for a good game of fetch. And, if your dog isn’t the best of swimmers or is in the habit of swimming out too far, you may want to bring along a doggie life vest.

As you pack up your pooch and head to the beach, keep these safety tips from in mind:

  • Visit when sand is coolest.
  • Avoid rough surf, riptides and areas with jellyfish.
  • Protect paws from irritation with products such as Mushers Secret paw wax.
  • Never leave dogs unattended in a car — even with air-conditioning running.
  • Check for ticks before leaving the beach.
  • Bathe your dog upon returning home.

For a full listing of dog-friendly beaches across the country, visit

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  1. I am from Toms River NJ and the best time to visit the beach with your dog is mid of sept to oct. Perfect weather for you and your dog as well as not many people. I like to let my dog run off leash so I always have to watch out for people and other animals.

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