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National Preparedness Month: How to Prepare for Disasters in NJ

Last updated on November 8, 2019 at 11:25 am

September is National Preparedness Month, the time each year when federal emergency officials ask everyone in the country to take action to keep yourself, your family and community safe during unforeseen disasters.

New Jersey in the past few years has been through catastrophes like flooding, hurricanes and extended power outages. Still, a study released in June 2015 by Plymouth Rock Assurance shows that many New Jersey residents aren’t prepared for hurricanes.

Preparation is essential to staying safe during storms or other disasters. Plymouth Rock has resources on preparing for disasters in NJ, like getting ready to handle a hurricane and tips for keeping your family and home safe during a power outage.

Start Preparing for Disasters in NJ Today

To handle storms and extended power outages, one of the first steps recommended by, the government’s official preparedness website, is to build an emergency kit. Check out Plymouth Rock’s hurricane preparedness center for tips on what to stock in yours. has additional information on what to do before, during and after power outages.

You can also learn from people who have lived through hurricanes: Read about how life was upended at the New Jersey shore, how the lesson of preparing an emergency kit was learned the hard way and ten hurricane-tested preparation tips.

President Obama is even contributing to National Preparedness Month with an official proclamation:

“I encourage all Americans to take proactive steps to prepare for any situation that may occur including signing up for local alerts, checking insurance coverage, documenting valuables, creating a plan for emergency communication and evacuation, and having a fully stocked disaster supply kit on hand.”

Have you prepared yourself and your family? Tell us about the steps you took.

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