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Flood safety tips as hurricane season continues

Last updated on November 4, 2019 at 10:29 am

While Hurricane Joaquin heads further offshore in a northeasterly direction, largely sparing us in the Northeast, other regions weren’t so lucky. The current situation in South Carolina is a reminder of the potential danger that can come with a hurricane or other powerful storm.

Though we likely won’t see heavy rainfall and flooding from Joaquin, it’s always good to be prepared in the event it does happen. After all, a lot of us live on or near the coast and there’s still almost two months left of the Atlantic hurricane season.

So get ahead of the next storm by reading these flood safety tips:

  • Assemble an emergency kit in the event you need to evacuate quickly. This kit should include basic safety supplies, like bottled water, food, a first aid kit and a flashlight with extra batteries. Visit for more item suggestions
  • If your area is prone to flooding and there is an advisory in effect, consider moving your car to a garage or higher ground, if possible
  • Prepare your property for a possible flood by bringing outdoor furniture indoors and moving valuables to the highest points in your home. Disconnect electrical appliances and shut off your gas and electricity if instructed to do so by authorities
  • If you need to evacuate, be sure you’ve listened to radio or television broadcasts and are aware of the safest route(s)
    • If you come upon a flooded street, turn around and seek an alternative route. Just two feet of water can sweep a car away, so abandon your car and move to higher ground if necessary

For even more helpful information on flood safety and preparation, visit the American Red Cross. For the latest on storm information, visit the National Hurricane Center.

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