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4 Surefire Ways for a Productive New Year

Last updated on January 8, 2021 at 07:02 pm

It’s almost the start of a brand New Year — a perfect time for a status check on different parts of your life. January can be a dismal month for outdoor activities, so use that time indoors to focus on your home, your career and other aspects of your life. Try these four ways for a productive new year and get off on a positive start!

What You Need to Keep Your Resolution

Whether your goals are to get in shape or read more books, our checklist will help you stay on track no matter what you’re working toward. Some of the secrets? Start small, revisit your goals and aim for progress (not perfection).

Whip Your Home Into Shape

The winter holidays are over and now it’s time to declutter. Start with the January Cure from Apartment Therapy. It’s an easy-to-accomplish, month-long plan to help you organize and clean your home. You’ll get a short, daily task (like organize one drawer) and a larger weekend project (like clean your floors). At the end of the month you’ll feel accomplished, rejuvenated and ready to face whatever comes next. Or, if you’re looking for a bigger change for not that much money, check out these six cheap home improvements that won’t break your bank.

Retune Your Career

If you’re like most folks, you spend the majority of your waking hours at work (and commuting). With a new year, there’s no better time to re-evaluate your career and set personal goals for yourself. The New York Times has advice culled from various experts on things like asking for a raise, finding a new job and finding happiness at work.

Organize Your Computer

What would it look like if your computer files were paper? Whether you’re reorganizing or debulking, cleaning out your computer can be just as cathartic as cleaning your home – especially if you spend a lot of time using it. Lifehacker’s Guide to Working Smarter, Faster and Better has tons of advice on organizing your digital files, controlling your email and managing multiple computers. If you’re looking for something a bit more straightforward, Techlicious has a 3-step list.

It’s also OK to procrastinate a little bit (but not too much). Here are 19 awesome car movies you might consider for a weekend on the couch.

If you have other tips for starting the new yea

r off right, share them in the comments. Here’s to making 2021 one fantastic year!

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