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New Study Reveals Concerns About Conditions Of New Jersey Roadways

98 Percent of New Jersey Drivers Report Concerns about Getting Into an Accident Caused by New Jersey Road Conditions; Company Offers Tips to Avoid Pothole Damage

Red Bank, NJ - March 19, 2015 – Plymouth Rock Assurance has published the results of a new study revealing that virtually all drivers polled have expressed concerns about getting into an accident caused by the condition of the roads in New Jersey. The study is the latest examination of behavior on roads in the Garden State by the New Jersey car insurance group.

Findings from the latest study include:

94 percent of drivers polled reported that they expect to spend at least $100 more on car maintenance due to road conditions over a one-year period

98 percent of drivers polled expressed concerns about getting into an accident caused by the condition of the roads in NJ, with 32% citing this as a significant concern
The three specific roads/highways voted as the most unsafe in the state are the Garden State Parkway (20%), Route 80 (12%) and the New Jersey Turnpike (11%)

“Potholes are prevalent, and many of the accidents leading to damage have started to occur and will continue to be an issue throughout the spring and into the summer,” said Gerry Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer at Plymouth Rock Management Company of New Jersey. “The majority of incidents caused by potholes occur between late March and early July.”

Plymouth Rock encourages New Jersey drivers to follow these tips to avoid blowouts and other pothole damage and take proper precaution and awareness behind the wheel.

“At this time of year potholes can form quickly, so remain alert even on familiar roadways,” says Wilson.

In addition to possible auto insurance coverage, drivers whose cars have been damaged as a result of a pothole on a state road may be eligible to file a pothole damage claim with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury. Applicants have 90 days following the accident to seek reimbursement. The website of the New Jersey Department of the Treasury offers a claim form, as well as information on how to report potholes in New Jersey.

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