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Common Stock Appraisals

The Plymouth Rock Company / Independent Annual Appraisal Prices of Common Shares

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Plymouth Rock Company Incorporated. The common shares of The Plymouth Rock Company Incorporated are not publicly traded. For a variety of corporate purposes, the Company commissions each year an outside appraisal of its Class A common stock. For each of the years 1996-2019, the appraisal has been performed by Shields & Company, Inc., a local investment banking firm.

Set forth below are the annual fair market values estimated by Shields & Company for the Company's Class A common stock in each of those years. Fair market value for purposes of the appraisal is defined by Shields & Company as "the price at which the relevant shares would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, both in the possession of reasonable knowledge of all relevant facts, with neither party being under any compulsion to act or not act." A fair market value of the Company's Class A common stock is presented each year both before and after a discount applied by Shields & Company for lack of marketability in the stock.

View a PDF of our Common Stock Appraisals.

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